Speaking volumes in the subtlest styles.

Even from the simplest and cleanest styles, elegant statements can be created simply in the way we dress.

UNIQLO from Japan that excels in bringing minimalism and quality craftsmanship to casual wear embraces this concept the same as we do, while employing the best materials and designs that promote timeless and sustainable fashion. 

For this collaboration, we thoughtfully reworked the coveted Eslona Mini to embody elements that bring about infallible minimalism, flawless function, and designer craftsmanship to the everyday. 

The Eslona Mini Uniqlo Edition comes in celebration of their new roadside store opening in Rawang.

All in the material

The Eslona Mini uses one of our finest and most durable canvas, equipped with a water-resistant coating for extra protection on wet days. 

With reinforced stitching and a widened pentagon-shaped design, the capaciously compact Eslona Mini easily becomes a staple piece reliable enough for everyday and occasional purposes. 

Exclusively made for UNIQLO’s new roadside store in Rawang, our product team exclusively curated a unique nude colorway, one that emulates subtlety and minimalism with a graceful flair. The perfect combination for the Eslona Mini Uniqlo Edition paired with UNIQLO’s apparel to enhance daily wear to more than just wardrobe.

Basking in the space

Organization is key to a minimalist, where everything is in the right place. 

The Eslona Mini Uniqlo Edition’s interior space does magic with just a small tote. Throw in a wallet, earbuds, a little notebook, and a small bottle into the main compartment, with 2 more pockets inside to organize the smaller items.

An exterior outer pocket makes life easy to catch a phone, receipts, hair ties, and keys swiftly without rummaging into the bag.

Perfection in practical organization.

Personalized for you

Elevation starts with just your name.

One of our finest achievements as a bag and accessories specialist was becoming the pioneer of multi-disciplinary personalization. 

The Eslona Mini Uniqlo Edition is also available for personalization, with state-of-the-art embroidery on the bag’s textured grosgrain handle strip.

For customers with the Eslona Mini Uniqlo Edition, scan the QR code on the product tag and follow the steps to personalize your name.

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