10 years, 1 million customers. Both counting.

Up to 1 million bags sold in 16 countries have created happy faces. We can guarantee some happy faces for your clients and customers too.

Sometime for your business

In our years of experience, we’ve been entrusted by luxury brands to design and produce their collections and products with excellent quality. 

Our experience is a snapshot in time, a picture if you will, of our dedication to the craft and an expression of going above and beyond for your business needs.

What’s it like doing business with Sometime?

Your clientele, staff, and close ones deserve the best you can give. Fortunately, we have only the best to offer. 

Our dedicated team at Sometime provides you with a range of products for selection and you can give us the details in between. Complete with logo customization, name personalization, and all. 

Looking for something more thoughtful? We provide custom-made products specifically for your brand, with an in-house product team to craft them to your preference.


Only the finest make the cut, right down to the thread. Our product team is experienced in material selection to creating elite quality fabrics and hardware that are suited to your preference. 

To be kinder to wildlife, we also refrain from using animal skin as much as possible. Instead, we have mastered using premium synthetic leather that is durable and aesthetic.

A personalized touch

Nothing warms the heart like sentimental value. As pioneers of multidisciplinary personalization, we can provide multiple forms of customization for your brand.

Apart from characters, we can also add logos or monogram personalization to form a pristine representation of your organization.

How to place your order?

1. First, let us know your requirements. What do you need? Example:

  • Launching a campaign and need a special gift for your customers?
  • Having a new product launch and want to an exclusive design from scratch?
  • Interested in branding collaboration for your Business, your YouTube channel, merchandising? 
  • Do you want to have something special to reward customers
  • Exclusive designs for you.

2. Propose a solution for the client - Prepare drawing or prototype for client’s review and approval

3. Determine timeline of production

4. Delivery

The final step

Let’s make this corporate gift your best one yet. 

Reach out to our product specialist wendy@sometime.asia for proposal enquiries.

Alternatively, you may reachout to us on WhatsApp.

Our history

Since 2012, Sometime has established itself as a renowned bag specialist in Asia and has partnered with celebrated fashion icons and brands to produce our line of products. 

From providing for customers to businesses and corporations, we value the significance of tastefully customized products that come hand-in-hand with good quality.