This Lunar New Year 2022 marks the reign of the Year of the Tiger. The tiger is known for being strong, territorial and for its ability to achieve things on a grand scale. Much like the tiger, we are ushering out the old year and bringing forth an abundance of great health, cultivating gratitude and appreciation towards our loved ones, and bountiful blessings for the year ahead.





Golden Long Life Tiger

We’re taking a bold leap into the Year of the Tiger by recreating the majestic animal in one, long and seamless gold line on the Estela 3 in a rich maroon hue. 

The long and seamless gold line depicts long life and a year of smoothness with strength like the tiger.


The Roaring 2022 Bundle

The bundle is inclusive of an Estela 3, special-edition red envelopes featuring the one, long and seamless gold-lined tiger, and a set of healthy yet delectable snacks that are meant to be shared with loved ones.

The snacks are carefully curated from Signature Market, a brand that offers guilt-free, low-carb foods for maximum snacking pleasure.

Let’s ring in the year right by attaining good health while fostering appreciation and care for our loved ones. We look forward to a great roaring Tiger year ahead with you!

[Note: The Roaring 2022 bundle is only available purchase for Malaysia & Singapore's customer only.]