How we’re adding you into the picture.

The greatest detail of our bags was never our creation. It’s you. 

From personalizing your name on our bags that add the unique touch of “you”, we’ve become masters of discovering new techniques for personalization, using the highest grade of materials and tools.


We have a stitching specialty. Embroidery covers most of our canvas, denim and nylon collections. 

Fonts available are block and cursive with shadow lettering options, an effect to create a “shadow” casted by the text.

Collections with Embroidery


Fine lines make for a fine look. We use top-tier engraving instruments to brand your name onto the premium metal details.

Available in block and cursive fonts (based on collections).

Collections with Engraving


You’ll be glistening in 8K gold. 

Using the finest grade of gold, silver, and bronze foils for leather stamping, the embossed end result becomes a lasting masterpiece.

Available in block font only.

Collections with Embossing


Exclusively created for the Puffy collection, it features up to 3 characters stitched on the bag for a polished statement.

Available in block font only.

Plexiglass engraving

Specially designed for the NW collection, the engraved plexiglass bag tag is a statement you’ve never seen the likes of before.

Take your pick of block or cursive fonts, and plexiglass finishes to suit your taste.

Nicole W. Collection

Connecting on a personal level

Anybody could purchase and own a bag, but personalizing them makes it truly yours.

Experience exclusivity, whether it's for you or for others with Sometime’s bags and accessories.

Ask us about personalization

It’s alright to be curious. Drop us a text and we’ll answer all your questions.